• Integrated Chemical Injection Skids

HP6505 All in One Chemical Injection Pump Skid

Norwegian Oilfield Supply offers a uniqe integrated chemical injection skid to the oil & gas industry. The HP6505 series are specially designed with HSE in chemical injection operations in mind.

The unit has two 500 liter IMO tanks two chemical injection pumps, realtime flowmeters, injection hoses and driptray integrated in a 2 x 2 x 1,7 meter offshore container. The unite is certified according to DNV 2.7.1, IMDG T11, EN12079, ADR and NORSOK. The unit is totally closed during operation, all connections are drip free. The unit has dual injection system to inject two different chemicals simultaniously. Can be transported on land and sea filled with ADR chemicals.

For more information see our technical datasheet.


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